Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fill 'er Up and Fill Me Up Too--The Gourmet Gas Station

Gas station food isn't your favorite? Ah but you haven't had the fresh fish special at the Gourmet Gas Station in Gallitan Gateway, Montana. The GGS offers a sit down diner- style motif with an inspired menu of hearty fare. For dinner this means Mexican specialties, fresh seafood, special BBQ nights and occasional pile-0-rib-roast platters. Tom, who runs this child-friendly establishment isn't shy about portions. The Giant Burrito, my personal favorite isn't adorned by all those foofy california condiments. No Sour cream or guac on the inside--just tender moist chicken, rice and beans--and tons of it, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. And it all starts with multiple varieties of house-made salsa and chips.

Not a fan of Mexican and you think its a bad idea to eat Fresh Alaskan Halibut when you find yourself more than 100 miles from any ocean? Well it is a bad idea--knucklehead! But somehow the GGS gets it right enough. It's not fancy, not le Bernadin, or even Fish Market, but its better than Red Lobster (it is FRESH afterall) and a welcome break from the standard Montana hunk-o-cow bar and grill. Thank God for airlines connections to cities with oceans.

But, you say, you ARE in Montana and you want hunk-o-cow? Show up for the barbequed bison ribs or make it for prime rib and get Tom to reserve the end cut.

Wine list. Yes I said WINE LIST. Very servicable, a couple of dozen choices of decent brands in high distribution. I always find something I know I will like. No doubt the best Gas Station wine list on the North American continent, I wager.

Dessert? How about batter-fried cheesecake. Actually, I have never made it to dessert, but the dessert board has tempted many of my dinner mates. Again think good country efforts and large portions.

The bottom line is The GGS gets 5/5 on the Gas Station Food scale and a 2.5/5 overall.

The GGS is attached to the Conoco Station on Highway 191 about 9 miles from downtown Bozeman on the way to the Big Sky ski area and Yellowstone National Park. Heading South turn left right after passing the Gallatin Gateway Inn on your right.


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