Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Taste Buds and Asahi Super Dry

First, my taste buds. Went through a bout of sinus infection about a month ago and dragged the whole family along with me. For 2 weeks I could not taste anything--nothing. Dr. thinks I had a blocked olafactory nerve or something. It was weird. But it is over now. Nevertheless, my tasting has not completely returned to normal. I can taste high notes and sour things very well. Savory things are less nuanced than in the past. It is like I am dropping packets (to put it in Internet terms). Probably a trip to the saw bones is in order. Anyone have any suggestions?

Second, Asahi Super Dry--my favorite bev at a fantastic 10-year old Sushi depot in Burlingame called Sakae. Not a cheap place, this little dive. I can easily spend $50, all-in, on miso soup, excellent sashimi, a beer and a bowl of rice chaser, tax and tip. But the quality makes this a 4/5. I am never disappointed and rarely wish I had spent less for dinner. Of course when I bring Max, I have to tip more as retribution for the carnage that is his culinary aftermath. But he loves the vegetable tempura--this along with Amici's penne pesto is about all the veggies he will eat. For me it is the sweet scallop sashimi with lemon slices and the white tuna or fresh anchovies that satisfy. Went to Nobu in LV two weeks ago and Sakae compared favorably in quality with this world famous sushi brand, especially when ordering straight forward Sashimi (as oppposed to Nobu Matsuhisa's sauce-inspired concoctions). A must try--fish I can apparently still taste.


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