Sunday, February 27, 2005

Small Plates, Big Taste

I went to a restaurant in SF recently that was terrific. Moreover, given its location--a particularly sparsley populated corner of SOMA without much walk-by traffic--it might not be around very long, so I suggest to give it a whirl soon. BTW, we have no financial or other interest in Tamal except that it was really good and unique food that we fear might not be available for very long, though I am convinced the chef will surface somewhere else.

Tamal is a "small plate" restaurant located at 1599 Howard Street in the former residence of a typical blue collar lunch/cafe. The menu is highlighted by tamale inventions and other ancient America-inspired dishes. If you go, try the duck leg smothered in bittersweet chocolate, Grand Marnier, orange and chile sauce--unbelievable. We also loved the Crab empanadas, especially the sauce, and the porcini mushroom tamale with truffle oil. The dessert, a chocolate-chile tamale with Kahlua cream, my wife described as maybe the best dessert she ever had.

If enough people try it, maybe it will make it South of Market anyway.


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