Friday, May 13, 2005

It Takes A Village Pub

Three meals, three restaurants, no workout--tough day. Penninsula Creamery has gone way downhill at their Stanford Mall Location. Barely a 1/5. Horrible service with an attitude. Not worth anymore ASCII characters here.

for dinner because my son Max likes Max's--who'da thunk.

So let's focus on the Village Pub in Woodside 3/5 with promises of a 4 on occasion. Lunch at VP happens 2-3 times a month for me. Stick to the basics and the seasonal treats. A great hamburger with bistro style fries of perfect salinity and crispyness. Expertly done frittata specials. Interesting soups unavailable elsewhere. I do miss their mussel dish. They started their reincarnation 4 years or so ago with a menu that included a farmer's lunch of house cured meats cheeses, greens and breads. While they no longer have it, I was able to reconstruct it by ordering the asparagus and artichoke salad with goat cheese and the salumi and artesian cheese plate. $20 bucks, light lunch, very tasty. I also love the Buetlesman photos of the Crystal Springs area--take a long look at these since their beauty is so close to where we all live, yet the local wilderness is off limits to all but a few friends of the SF Water Department.

I haven't been to the Village Pub in quite awhile for dinner, but have never been disappointed at this restaurant and plan to hit the night option their soon. Looking forward to Vegas next week. Anymore suggestions out there?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quince-essential Dinner

Last night hit Quince, by Michael Tusk. As a matter of full disclosure, one of my business partners is an investor. Anyway, excellent use of the best of current produce offerings in the frito misto antipasti and the homemade mortadella would have made Tusk's mentor Paul Bertolli proud. Actually, Tusk worked under Alice Waters at Chez Panisse when Bertolli was the chef their, and then went to work for Paul at Oliveto, one of my favorite restaurants (more disclosure: I am an investor in one of Paul's other ventures).

Pasta dishes were highligted by the crab and lemon pasta, bigoli with duck; but I had the champion main couse braised shortribs milanese: off the bone rib meet breaded (like an Italian Veal cutlet) and lightly fried. I have had a sinus infection for 3 weeks unable to taste anything--and Tusk's shortribs were the cure. Try Quince. It gets a 4/5.

0/5 or No rating--don't bother, better choices around every corner for the same or less money.
1/5 I will eat here, but something is always left wanting, food or service or something.
2/5 Good food. Not always consistent. Decent value eating.
3/5 Solid. Consistent. You look for reasons to eat here.
4/5 Excellent. You will not be disappointed even if it cost more.
5/5 Beyond a meal. An experience, like going to the opera at la Scala or watching your team win the World Series.

Coming up for us--a big week in Vegas. Dinner at Red Square, Picasso and Nobu. Lunch at Mesa Grill. I had a Mesa Grill reservation last week while on business, but they cancelled it because Ellen Degenerus (or however you spell it) showed up with a bunch of her friends impromptu. Told them I would be happy to sit quietly in a corner and watch, but they said no thank you. Offered to "take care of me" the next time I was in town. Well that's next week.

The following a week is visit 4 to the French Laundry (5/5). The first time with a table for two. Brother and Sister-in-law will watch Max, who believes Amici's Pizza is 5/5. Lots to eat. Amazing I have actually lost weight the last 3 months.

This week at the Farmers' Market--Fava's still good, baby chokes better than the big ones, nettles, look for fresh garbanzos.